2 Original Music Video Albums On DVD

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1. Harry Macari - Scots Power Surge 18 video tracks on DVD
Lofi Hifi Electro New Age Undrground Counter Culture Pioneering Improvising Alt
01 Scots Beauty 2
02 Make Love Not War
03 Dadra Macari
04 Ding Dong No More War
05 Do You Know What It Feels Like
06 Do You Know What Its Like
07 Fight The Cuts
08 First love
09 Boot Slut
10 Ektal Chili
11 Mosno Hardgroove
12 Neo fascist Rock Nutz
13 Robot Moron In The Room
14 Scenes Of Beauty
15 Slave Trader
16 Stonehaven
17 Sulphuric
18 Sunflower And Bee
Download here;

2. Harry Macari - Genuine Local Artist Fae Scotland 16 Music Video Tracks On DVD
From Folk To Funk, From Punk To Glitch. Harry Macari weaves a rich blend of improvisational skills in this contemporary underground crossover modern media internet release.
01 Willie MacZilli Theme
02 Fieldfare vs Crabapple Ambient
03 Nature Watch Garden Speckled Wren
04 Magpie Piano
05 Paris By Google
06 Heart And Soul Bags Groove Queens Well
07 L00kin6 4 Cu8a$3 5
08 Nu Runner
09 You Said You Loved Me
10 Scots Beauty 5
11 Scots Beauty 4
12 Scots Beauty 3
13 Scots Beauty 1
14 Dolphin Watch Lowtide Blues
15 Budda And The Bell
16 Spring Watch 2011
Download here;

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